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We are veterans of the power tool industry. This isn't our first redo, nor is it our first power toolbox. We have been working on perfecting the tool-shed-in-a-box for more than a decade.

Our passionate engineering team works worldwide to perfect this product, and patented different inventive ideas starting in 2009. In 2019, we established Stellen and created DOER! We have redesigned our products to develop DOER 12-functions-in-one-box for improved work efficiency and portability. It is new, improved, and way more badass! It's DOER - The Most Compact Tool Shed You've Ever Seen!

We are passionate and ambitious to expand the DOER product line to all handheld power tools in the future. Our innovative founder set the pace by inventing the ONE(1)GripTM (patented in 2017), which consists of a detachable battery from the POWERhandleTM, to allow it to be compatible with different power tools, such as angle grinders, routers and more.

Stellen aims to design, develop, manufacture and market innovative products that meet and exceed the expectations of quality and value. Stellen and its business partners span across the globe and speak different languages, but share one common goal: “To grow the value and promote the excellence in product innovation and quality."


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We are passionate about perfecting this patented product. We started Stellen and created DOER ! We re-engineered and re-designed multiple aspects of the product to make it more reliable. And we added way more functions to make DOER 12-functions-in-one-box. it's new, improved and way more badass. it's DOER- The Most Compact Tool Shed you've Ever Seen!